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Who can seek admission?

Every child who is totally blind or low vision, who cannot cope up in a regular school can seek admission.

Institute faculty has developed and endorsed admission criteria. For more information on admission criteria, visit the link below:

Admission Criteria.

Admission Form

Like any other schools/institutions, it is essential to provide appropriate detail information of the child. It is mandatory for the parents/guardians to download, fill the form and either submit the form in advance or during the admission.

You may download from the link given below:

Admission Form in PDF.

What should parents/guardians provide?

MI as a boarding institute, where free meals and boarding facilities are provided, parents/guardians require to support his/her child to purchase toiletries and other necessities that is not covered by the regular government budget.

For more information on requirement, visit the link below: requirements.

Facilities provided by the institute

Institute provides facilities in the following aspects:

  • General.
  • Academic.
  • Non-academic.

For more information of the facilities provided by the institute, here is the link: