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The institute provides facilities in the following aspects: general, academic, and non-academic


The visually impaired are given instructional hours based on the mission objectives (I-VII) lay down by the Ministry of Education at par with their sighted peers.


The institute shall carry out the following activities for the students in order to impart wholesome education.

  • Delivery of Content
  • The academic components are delivered to the students at par with the main syllabus and curriculum of any regular school.

  • Assessment & Exam
  • The examinations and assessment practices are similar to regular school s and are based on on-going assessment and the result of the end of the term examinations.

  • Fast Track Promotion
  • Any candidate, who is over age and late for schooling, is given fast track promotion once if he/she obtains 80% marks in the entire subject during first and second terms.

  • Braille Lesson
  • students are taught Braille both in English and Dzongkha, and in large print depending on the vision acuity (VA) of the individuals.

  • Maths Subject
  • For maths, Nemeth code is taught and shall expand vertically till the traditional maths is replaced for good.

  • Braille Classes for Adult Visually Impaired
  • A Braille learning provision is available for recently blinded higher-class student to under go Braille classes for a term/s before he/she is integrated in the mainstream secondary school. However, in case of lower grade, he/she is given facility to continue education in an appropriate grade as per the decision of the admission committee of the institute.

  • Computer Class
  • students are given facilities to attend computer literacy program from class I – VIII based on the provisional syllabus initiated by the institute with the funding support from NORAD Project.


Most of the non-academic programs are geared towards independent living of the students. It includes some of the following activities:

  • Orientation & Mobility (O&M)
  • students can avail the use of white cane to navigate the campus and some of important institutions in the locality where his/her contact is frequently required.

  • Activity for Daily Living (ADL)
  • When the students are in the institute from PP – VIII (9 yrs), they are taught activity for daily living which includes dressing, cooking, personal hygiene, washing etc. These activities are also geared towards progressive independent living in his/her later life.

  • Evening prayer
  • It is compulsory for all to attend evening prayer unless one is sick.

  • Music Class
  • It is also compulsory for all to attend music class and is assessed every term.

  • Students’ support services (SSS)
  • The administration along with the warden and the matron, look after the welfare of the students. All the students have a health book for recording health issues for future references. In case of sick students, parents are immediately contacted. We provide/invite health personal during emergency.

  • Washing of clothes
  • We have a system of washing clothes/dresses on every Wednesday & Saturday by the wet sweeper for the juniors.

  • Boarding facilities
  • Boarding facilities for integrated students of class VII & VIII of Khaling LSS are provided with the institute. They also attend evening prayer, supervised morning and evening studies and important gatherings with the institute. However, they attend academic classes in above integrated school.

  • Supplies
  • The following items are issued to the students:
    • Perkins Braillers, (writing device)
    • writing frame and stylus, (writing device)
    • abacus for Mathematics,
    • white canes for Orientation and Mobility,
    • textbooks (both in Braille and print)
    • Braille paper and notebook,
    • Reading stands and magnifying lenses/ glasses for low vision

  • Invitation of Ophthalmologist
  • Ophthalmologist and his team are invited annually for checkups and concerned students availed following as:
    • Eye operation,
    • magnifying glasses &
    • medication.