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Welcome to Muenselling Institute-MI, Khaling.

“Light to the darkness”
The only institute forty-eight years serving the children who are blind and low vision of Bhutan.
Photo: Arrow showing Muenselling Institute
Photo: Flag of Muenselling Institute
Photo: Safety Sign Board


For the safety of the commuters with visual impairment, kindly park the cars by the side of the road.

Photo: view of Muenselling Institute from Chorten

Muenselling on the road to 2023

MIK, the only institute that caters the visually impaired of the nation prepares to commemorate "Golden Jubilee" in 2023, marking 50th birth anniversary. Join MIK to make the celebration a great success.

Our Motto:

“Leading from Darkness to Light”
Photo: reading Braille
"Seeing the world through fingers".
Photo: new academic building

Our vision:

“Steering towards learning of students with visual impairment for independent living”.

Photo: Students learning computer

Our mission:

  • Respond to the expectations of the Royal Government’s national policy on special educational needs.
  • Infusing inclusive values.
  • Valuing diversity and dignity.
  • Provide skills on activities for daily living, orientation and mobility.
  • Provide vocational skills through music.
  • Provide ICT literacy skills to cope in a digitalized world.
  • Inculcate GNH values through daily activities.
  • Prepare for social participation through awareness.
  • Provide functional literacy and numeracy.
  • Harness the potentiality of students with visual impairment to live independently.
Photo: A typical MI class
  • Student 1 reading a braille book,
  • Student 2 writing Braille using slate and stylus,
  • Student 3 writing Braille on a Perkins Brailler,
  • Student 4 calculating using abacus
  • and
  • Student 5 reading large print.