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Introductory note By Kuenga Chhoegyel.

Dear friends,

Sir Tashi Phuntsho who has dedicatedly served the nation as a teacher for the last 38 years and more than 25 years in MI has retired from the service on 31st of October, 2012.

We all know that he has opened a new road to the educational opportunities for the visually impaired through developing Dzongkha Braille Code.

I wish to collect your opinions and post in our web site compiling everybody’s views.

Kindly at least share a paragraph.

Looking forward to hearing soon.

Kuenga Chhoegyel National Institute for the Visually Impaired, Khaling, Bhutan.

Letter from Founding Father

We really want to express our appreciation and also our admiration for the hard work and sincere dedication Lopen Tashi Phuntsho has given to the visually impaired of Bhutan

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Message from Lopen Gro, Norway

I just want to send my warmest greetings to one of the finest and first teachers in this school, Mr Tashi Phuntsho. I admire you highly and am so glad that we came to meet way back in the 1970-ies.

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Letter from Amrith, Australia

I also would like to join my friends in wishing you a very very peaceful life after several years of selfless contributions to the lives of the visually impaired Bhutanese either directly or indirectly. You have really been a great source of inspiration and encouragement for us and we owe you immense gratitude for what we are today.

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Letter from Pema Chhoegyel

“To me, Sir Tashi Phuntsho has been a great source of knowledge, dignity and well-being. His dedication to the persons with disabilities is selfless and genuine. We will always cherish his enlightening commitment for the good cause and uplifting the livelihood of disabilities in Bhutan. We will miss him greatly! MAY HIS GREATNESS ALWAYS BE IN HIS HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS IN LIFE.”

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Letter from Pema Dorji, India

Thank you very much for sharing this even with me as well. This is really a good initiative and informative to all of us, sir.

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Letter from Mr. Kelzang Dorji, Teacher, MI, Khaling

Sir Tashi Phuntsho, a very dedicated teacher especially for the visually impaired has been retired since 31st of October.

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Letter from Gembo, Bumthang

so sorry to learn about the retirement of Sir Tashi Phuntsho from MI on 31st of last month respectively.

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Letter from Sanga Dorji

I also would like to dedicate my sincere appreciation to Sir Tashi Phuntso’s tireless service to the visually impaired children in Bhutan.

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Lettter from Santa Bhir Rai, Thimphu

The retirement of one of our senior most teachers Mr. Tashi Phuntsho has brought a great shock to many of us.

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Message from Monorath, Samtse

I would like to express my gratitude to our most dedicated teacher Sir,

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Letter from Karen

I remember you very well, my good old fellow-teacher from 1985-89.

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