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Reflectory Message from Alumni members of the institute

Views sshared by the founding father, teachers and reflectory notes from the past students of the institute.

Message from Founding father of the institute, Mr. Einar Kippenes

40 years seems to be quite a time-span, and this may bring MI into the status of seniority. However, considering the history of schools around in the kingdom it reveals the fact that MI is still young.

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Reflectory Note from Mrs. Gro Holm Rypestol, one of the first teachers of the institute in 1974

The years that I spent in Khaling ,in School for the Blind and in Dawzor, were some of the best I've ever had.

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Message from Kishore, former teacher of the institute

“We need 3 teachers to go to Gomdar immediately. Two boys from the same family need our urgent intervention” said Sir Nawang, over a cup of coffee as we sat under the Sun during the tea-recess.

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Message from Pema Chhogyal, Thimphu

“May the institute which has served the persons with visually disabled in Bhutan for years prosper with success and glory every moment. Thank you to the founders, teachers, staff, students and everyone who have been part of the institute.

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Message From Ms. Tshering Lhamo, Thimphu

My reflection on the days in the institute was "My work experience has enriched my understanding about the VIPs, their skills/talents which others think of otherwise as incapable".

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Message from Australia

The moment I received an email requesting for an article about how MI has contributed to my personal and professional life, it straightaway dragged my imagination to the conditions of the lives of so-called visually impaired people in Bhutan before 1973 and the difference MI has been able to make after its establishment.

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Message from Gembo, Bumthang

this very important historic Foundation Day on 23rd of February 2013 respectively, I would like to joint my other Bhutanese disabled colleagues in wishing the National Institute for the Visually Impaired a very happy momentous joyful occasion heartedly

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Message from Pema Dorji, India

As far as I know, the story begins from 1999 and it continues even today…

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