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Muenselling on the road to 2023

As the institute commemorated her 46th birth anniversary on 23rd of February, 2019, the anchor of the programme, Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel, reminded of the road to 2023, the golden Jubilee.

On 22nd of March, 2019, one of the agenda discussed during the monthly review meeting was to frame a committee to commemorate golden jubilee of Muenselling Institute on 23rd of February, 2023.

Accordingly a committee was framed. And agreed to arrange a separate sitting to discuss further the roles and responsibilities of the committee and their members, the activities to be executed.

On 1st of April, 2019, after the school, the committee gathered for the first sitting and decided the roles and responsibilities of the members.

The committee comprised of seven members.
Mr. Dorji Wangdrup, the principal was nominated as the chair person.
Mr. Kuenga Chhoegyel as secretary of the committee.
Mr. Ugyen Tshering as treasurer.
The committee is also represented with four additional members. In total 7 members in the committee.

The committee also drew an action plan on the activities to be carried out.

The alumni members of the institute have not forgotten their mother institute, that shaped their lives and helped them to stand on the platform where they stand today. They are of the plan to construct a monument, worth remembering in gratitude of what the institute had done for them.

While everybody is excited, looking ahead for the day, they are also equally worried of the success. At the present juncture, in addition to their activities, jobs and responsibilities, the only thing they can do is to hope and pray for the best.


Muenselling golden jubilee committee has in line series of activities to be launched to commemorate golden jubilee in 2023.

  • There is a plan of releasing an audio album,
  • A magazine in Braille and large print,
  • Photo exhibition
  • And
  • Exhibition to demonstrate the 50 years achievement.

The alumni members have framed a committee.

  • The chairperson is Mr. Sanga Dorji,
  • Secretary Mr. Pema Chhogyel,
  • Treasurer Mr. Dorji Phuntsho of DPAB,
  • Men representative Mr. Amrith Subba
  • and
  • Women representative Ms. Duptho Zangmo.

The Alumni members through their donation wish to construct a memorial monument.

Let us all pray that may all the activities in line will be of great success.

Help us to make the dream come true.
Help us to answer the prayer that we all pray for.

Wishing a great success ahead.