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photo: student playing physical Exercise-pulling a foot

The Institute creates opportunities for all students to participate in all different games and sports to keep them mentally and physically fit. Many may wonder how it would be possible for visually impaired children to play games. There are few games which they can't play such as archery, volley ball and basket ball. However, all other games and sports are made available for them with slight changes in rules and nature of the play.

Some of the common games that are carried out are khuru, soksom, goalball and balance race. Sports activities such as runs, throws and jumps are common events during the annual sports day. Children are kept active with sporting activities through inter-house competitions.

Given that sound health is required for smooth education of the children, physical education is being catered for to all children by a regular PE instructor. One can see all children performing exercises for about ten minutes every morning before assembly. There is also a very good set of equipment in the Gym room where students can build their body with different sets of modern physical exercise equipments.