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GNH Activities

With the introduction of GNH in to the schools, the values have been embraced into the education system. MI, although may be working slightly different, yet tries to adopt the similar philosophy. Some of the activities pertaining to GNH values carried out in the institute are:

  • Three-minute-mind training before and after class, every co-curricular activity, competitions and celebrations of the institute and before going to bed.
  • Buddy system, where the senior students take care of the younger ones in dressing, washing clothes, taking bath, studies etc. MI believes that through this, students learn to respect the elders and support the younger ones.
  • Students and teachers maintain journal of the week reflecting the activities carried out pertaining to GNH values.
  • Traditional games such as Soksom and Khuru are played as competition amongst the three houses.
  • Students are taught to wear Kabney and Rachu, practice proper procedure of greetings and prostration in the presence of dignitaries and lamas.
  • On every auspicious occasion, the religious and cultural committee organizes prayers with the offering of butter lamps and ensures that students are briefed on the importance of the day.
  • Observing the Foundation Day of the institute with oaths by all the students & staff in Dzongkha and conducting solemn annual prayers (Zang-choe Moenlam) to our late staff and students.
  • Cleaning the premises every Thursday towards maintaining a green school in collaboration with Dungkhag Municipality.