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MI Students 2018

Photos of the students as per the class is followed by the description of number of girls and boys per class.

photo of Class PP Old students

In PP old, there is one girl and one boy in total 2 and class teacher is Mr. Kinzang Dorji.

photo of Class PP new students

In PP New, there is one boy and one girl, in total two with Lop. Tashi Dorji as class teacher.

photo of Class two students

In class two, there are three boys and a girl in total four. Lop. Karma Norbu is the class teacher.

photo of Class three students

In class three, Mr. Kelzang Dorji is the class teacher and there is only one boy.

photo of Class four students

In class four, Mr. Ugyen Tshering is the class teacher. there are 3 boys and five girls in total eight.

photo of Class five students

Class five has two boys with Lop. Tshering Phuntsho as class teacher.

photo of Class six students

In class six, Ms. Tandin Zangmo is the class teacher with eleven students in total. Five boys and six girls.

photo of Class Braille class students

Mr. Kuenga chhoegyel is the class teacher of the Braille class. There is one boy and one girl in total two.

Class seven and eight reside in the institute but study in the neighbouring school.
photo of Class seven students In class seven, there are seven girls.

photo of Class eight students

In class eight, there is one boy and two girls in total three.

Class nine and above are totally integrated to Jigme Sherubling Central School Campus A where they study as boarders. However, MI provides educational support pertaining to Braille and Braille equipment, White cane and O&M techniques, Low vision support services such as reading stand and lenses, screenreading software.

photo of Class nine students

In class nine, there are two girls and three boys in total five.

photo of Class ten students

In class ten, there are three girls and two boys in total five.

photo of Class eleven students

In class eleven arts, there are two boys.

photo of Class twelve students

In class twelve arts, there are two boys.