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Definition: UNESCO (1983) “Special education is a form of education provided for those who are not achieving, or are not likely to achieve through ordinary educational provisions, the level of educational, social and other attainments appropriate to their age, and which has the aim of furthering their progress towards these levels”.


With the introduction of integrated education, the visually impaired children studying in the mainstream schools were found to be facing learning difficulties in the regular classroom. The UNV special education consultant, Miss Alison Rhodes, created this committee to support the visually impaired children.


Discuss issues pertaining to the needs of the VI children. Assist the VI students in respective schools. Assist the teachers of mainstream through provision of teaching materials.

Special Education committee

Special education committee comprises of the following members:

  • Special Education Need Coordinator.
  • Assistant special education need coordinator.
  • Member of special education need committee.

The roles of special education committee:

  • Integrate and support visually impaired children in respective schools.
  • Induce the importance of integration.
  • Organise orientation and mobility.
  • Inform BPU of Paro through school administration on requirement of textbooks and reading materials in braille and large print.
  • Maintain the personal files of the students.
  • Organize Braille Symposiums.
  • Organize and conduct SEN Committees meetings.
  • Organize and conduct sensetization programme with the support of other teaching/non-teaching staff of the institute to the parents of the VI children and staff of mainstream schools.

Responsibilities of the Special education needs committee members are:


  • Overall coordination of provision for children with special needs in the school
  • Ensure the implementation of the decisions of the meeting.
  • Conduct of Braille symposium as per concern subjects-English, Maths, Science and Dzongkha.
  • Assist and support subject teachers in teaching the pupils with special needs.
  • Review the progress of children with special needs along with the subject teachers.
  • Coordinate the SEN Committee.
  • Organise the conduct of examination for SEN children.
  •  Identify students with special needs and provide remedial class.
  • Conduct SBIP related to Special Education.
  • Organize coordination meetings for SEN Committee and with SEN children.
  • Observe important dates related to SEN children as per international calendar.
  • Organise orientation and mobility programme through the support of orientation and mobility coordinator of MI.
  • Support on access to information and technology
  • Liaise with different stake holders involved in the programme

The assistant coordinator:

  • Assist the coordinator for the implementation of the above mentioned responsibilities.
  • Substitute in making decision in the absence of the special coordinator.
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations pertaining to special educational needs.


  • Represent the other staff members.
  • Provide suggestions and recommendations pertaining to special educational needs.

Braille symposium

The MI shall conduct Braille Symposium twice a year; once in the beginning of the academic year and the second after the mid term. The SENCO of MI shall delegate the concern subject teachers of MI to facilitate and provide up-dated information on Braille Grade II changes par subjects. He/she shall also be responsible to fix the date, extend invitation to the mainstream schools and organize the forum.

The forum shall be attended by:

  • Visually impaired students of mainstream schools.
  • SEN coordinator of three schools.
  • The students and staff of MI.


The special education meeting shall be held twice a year, first in the beginning of the academic session and the second after midterm exam.

The special education meeting shall be attended from the three schools by:

  • Heads.
  • Assistant heads.
  • Special Education needs coordinators.
  • Assistant coordinators.
  • Committee members.

To achieve the roles and responsibilities, SENCO’s shall have less teaching periods and other responsibilities in the school.

Assessment tool The SEN Committee shall meet in the beginning of the academic session and draw an action plan for the year. The action plan shall be the tool of assessment to check the progress, shortfalls and achievements made by the committee. (attested a copy for an example) The committee shall meet after the mid-term to review and make required changes, if necessary.

Expectations from the parents/guardians

The parents/guardians are one of the main stakeholders who have the pivotal role to play in grooming all round development. He/she should always look for any early symptoms of disabilities.

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