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The visually impaired children are integrated into the mainstream school after the completion of class VI.

photo: a visually impaired student reading a braille book in the class

However, in future, with the trained teachers and SEN Committee members and SEN Assistants, the policy may be reviewed and the classses for integration may be amended.

The visually impaired students are to be integrated based on the following procedures:

  • Respective mainstream school shall inform the parents of the visually impaired children to be integrated in the next semester before the winter vacation so as to enable the parents and children to be fully prepared with uniform and fees for the next academic session.
  • The Special Education Committee of MI is to hand over the children to the special education committee of the mainstream schools for admission with required documents.
  • In absence of parents and guardian, the SENCO of the respective schools will act as a guardian representative at meetings held at the mainstream schools and during the signing of certificates and results for visually impaired children.