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Library Reading Programme

photo: students reading Braille and large print library books

MI believes that reading is the only means of opening eye for the visually impaired children to the rest of the world. It is also a strategy believed to be useful in developing habits in reading, improving the ' children's ability to develop creativity in writing, build vocabulary and strengthen fluency in reading.

Unfortunately Books for the visually impaired is very hard to obtain both in large print for the low vision and braille books for the totally blind. With the support of the donors from the Perkins School for the blind, USA and other well wishers, the institute, today has a good collection of books both in large print and Braille Grade II.

The students have library reading period for all the classes and can lend books from the library to read during their leisure hours. The institute also schedules reading classes guided by the concern subject teacher for developing correct reading techniques. A week before the International Literary Day, the students are provided a week reading programme after the school hours and conduct reading competition on the International Literary Day. Certificates and prizes are awarded to the winners.