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STAFF 2018

Similar to other institutions, faculty of the institute comprises of a principal, a vice principal, teaching and non-teaching staff members.

photo: principal and vice principal.

Mr. Dorji Wangdrup, principal and Mr. Tashi K, Vice principal.

photo: non-teaching staff of 2018

There are fourteen non-teaching staff members in the institute.

photo: teaching staff of 2018

There are thirteen teaching staff including the two principals.

photo: all staff members of 2018

Teachers 14 including principal, vice principal, HPE instructor and the music instructor. 3 female and 10 male, 3 blind and 1 low vision in total 14.

Non-teaching staff: 3 female and 6 male 1 blind in total 9.

Supporting staff members: 3 female and 2 male and in total 5.

Total number of staff members: female 9, male 19, 4 blind, 1 low vision and in total twenty-eight.